Aerial Thermal Mapping of North Lincolnshire

We all know that wasted energy from our homes means wasted pounds, but North Lincolnshire Council is commissioning an aerial survey to find out exactly which buildings are leaking the most thermal energy.

North Lincolnshire Partnership has commissioned a £16,000 thermal survey, to be carried out by aeroplanes fitted with thermal imaging cameras. The survey is aimed at providing homeowners with information to help them reduce their energy wastage and help to make North Lincolnshire more energy efficient by recording which buildings suffer the most heat loss. The survey will first cover Brigg and Barton, and will then be rolled out to cover the whole of North Lincolnshire, with the results accessible through an online interactive map when published this summer.

Building regulations currently state that houses should have at least 270mm thick roof insulation, depending on the materials used, but houses that were built to previous codes will most likely not have this. This means that energy leakage can be a problem, particularly in winter when fuel bills can rise dramatically. The Energy Saving Trust has suggested that if everyone in the UK had the recommended amount of insulation, as a country we could save £520 million a year. If you’re thinking of improving your insulation, give us a call on 01522 596910 for free advice.

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