Company History

Peter Cole Consultants Ltd was founded in 1990. Peter Cole, the practice principal, had neen a partner of Ward Cole Consulting Engineers, where he had been a founding director. Peter Cole Consultants originally specialized in expert witness and forensic consultancy work, but has since diversified to provide a comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of consulting engineering.

Based upon mutual respect and a long professional relationship, Peter appointed Kevin Dyke as a director in 1994. The mutual respect and close working relationship led to growth and diversification and they appointed Paul Johnson as a technician in 1995. Paul is now a director of the practice and is professionally respected by a large number of clients who now rely upon him for sound, practical advice and attention to detail.

The practice has grown continually since it was founded, and in 2007 Peter Cole Consultants began the construction of its new headquarters in Nettleham, Lincoln. The business provided its own construction team for this project and this team was retained after completion of the new office to offer specialist construction services relating to the diverse consultancy services offered.

New, specialised services are being added continually to ensure that the business continues to grow, even in the current challenging business environment. These services include turnkey design and construction of loft conversions and mezzanine floors , combining the engineering, architectural and construction aspects of the practice.