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Structural Surveys & Reports

Structural Engineers carry out surveys of existing buildings to establish their condition and to identify evidence of current and past structural movement and material deterioration that could influence both the present and long term stability of the buildings.

The inspections are carried out on domestic, commercial, industrial and historic buildings, normally as part of the proposed purchase or redevelopment of the property. The findings of the inspection are used by the purchaser to confirm or negotiate the sale and cost of the building and to establish the scope of the repairs, renovations and structural remedial works that may need to be undertaken. The inspection are often initially visual assessments particularly when associated with building purchase, but depending on the condition of the building, this could lead on to more detailed works to expose parts of the structure and/or ground investigations to identify the cause of differential building movements or subsidence.

Whether our client is a member of the public looking to purchase a new home, a business wanting to relocate or a developer seeking out a new opportunity, they are all expecting prompt and sound professional advice, in easy to read and understandable reports that contain conclusions and recommendations that they can use to finalise their transactions.

PCC Consultants have qualified staff with over 25 years experience in the construction industry who undertake this type of work on a regular basis in a manner that ensures we provide a prompt and cost effective service to all our clients.

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