Colonia, Longdales Road, Lincoln

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Project Details

Estimated Value: £4 million
Completion Date: June 2008
Client: Stamford Homes
Architect: CAD Architects
Engineer: Peter Cole Consultants
Main Contractor: Stamford Homes

Design Brief

This project was an extensive residential development of 24 mordern appartments and garage blocks on the former Longdales Tennis Courts, Lincoln. Peter Cole Consultants were appointed as lead engineer, providing specialist engineering design and detailing for both sub-structure and super-strucutre. The design incorparated many large glazed walls and cantilevering structures.

Technical Info

Conventional loadbearing masonry walls provided the primary loadbearing element of the structure with beam and block floor at ground level and precast concrete planks forming floors 1 to 4. Each floor had numerous balconies which were formed by cantilevering the precast concrete floor out of the building. Steel frames were required to support two large cantilevered glazed structures on two corners of the building, as well as the larged glazed entrance. Steelwork was also required to support the precast concrete stairs that ran from ground to 3rd floor. The development is founded on a series of concrete strip footings.

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