Sports Soccer, Nationwide

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Project Details

Estimated Value: Individual Pojects Ranging £250,000 - £4,000,000
Completion Date: May 2005
Client: Sports Soccer (now Sports World)
Architect: Simons Design & Various Others
Engineer: Peter Cole Consultants
Main Contractor: Simons Construction Ltd
Steel Fabricator: Anglo Structural Ltd

Design Brief

Sports Soccer now Sports World expanded into new stores across the UK. Typically the refitting of the retail units included the increase of floor space by the installation of a mezzanine floor and access staircase. Peter Cole Consultants provided the design for over 30 seperate mezzanine floors and split landing staircases. Peter Cole Consultants were also appointed as Engineers to design the civil and structural works for the extension of the distribution centre at Dunstable.

Technical Info

The mezzanine floors were constructed using a steel frame. Often the frame was required to be clear of structure, except columns, at ground floor level and had to be installed independently of the main buildings structure. This presented a problem for stability as there was little opportunity for bracing members. The frames were designed using advanced techniques in sway stability using the partial fixity of connections in order to provide a stiff platform to be used as retail space.
The distribution centre was extended using a portal frame founded onto pads and strips and included the relocation of soakaways and retaining walls.

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