Loft conversion with rooflights

Loft Conversion Design

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Feasibility for Loft Conversions

There are a two major considerations required to install a loft conversion. Both are dependent upon the existing layout of your home. To gauge quickly if your house is suitable for a loft you need to consider the following contraints.

The most important factor to enable a conversion is the height between the underside of the ridge board to the top of the existing ceiling joists. In order for it to be possible to convert your loft we will be looking to ensure we have a height of 2.45m. In some cases it may be possible to convert a loft where the available height is 2.3m but this will be dependent on existing structural layout.

The location of staircase is another important factor. In smaller buildings the installation of a staircase may prove tricky as it can result in reducing the sizes of existing rooms significantly. Ideally a staircase will be situated of the circulation space rather than another room. In order for you to achieve maximum added value from your loft conversion the staircase should follow this prinicple.

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