Loft Conversions A Winner Says Survey

In today’s flat lining market prices for housing, what can you do to give your house the edge before it comes round to selling up and moving on? According to HSBC, loft conversions are the way to go.

Following the recent bank holidays that we’ve all enjoyed, you may have taken the time to complete a few projects around the house or decorate a room or two in the hope of battling the recent stagnant housing market and adding a few pounds to your house price. However, you may be looking in the wrong direction – HSBC have just released the results of a new survey of home valuers, and loft conversions have come out on top for adding value to your home. On average, a loft conversion can add £20,800 to your house – and just think of the extra space you can achieve without the hassle of moving! Other projects that prove profitable include room extensions (an average of £16,069), conservatories (an average of £8,233) and new kitchens and bathrooms (an average of £5,617 and £3,351, respectively). The table below shows more details.

HSBC Average Values

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