Steep Hill – Best Street in Britain?

If you’re from Lincoln, you’ll know the joys – and strains – of walking up Steep Hill and enjoying the sights of the historic part of the City. Now, Steep Hill could be named as Britain’s Best Street.

Most of us have, at some time or another, panted our way up Steep Hill and cursed those around us that are fit enough to take it in their stride. Now, though, we have the excuse of taking it a little slower and enjoying our surroundings as we wander up, as Steep Hill could be awarded the Great Street Award. A finalist of the competition, along with Cockburn Street in Edinburgh and Byres Road in Glasgow, Steep Hill boasts its medieval heritage, cobbled streets and historic buildings as part of its charm. Some parts of the street even date back from Roman times, with many cellars of the buildings either side of Steep Hill originating from the Romans.

The Academy of Urbanism will reveal the winner of its Great Street Award in November. Fingers crossed!

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