Loft Conversion, Welton

Following a successful three-way partnership between ourselves and our two sister companies, Ilex Building Services Ltd and Origin Design Studio, our latest loft conversion project has been completed.

Following architectural services from Origin Design Studio, structural design from ourselves and construction services from Ilex Building Services Ltd, our latest loft conversion project at Welton, Lincolnshire is now complete. Photos are shown below.

Welton Loft

This project wasn’t a typical loft conversion, and concerns that headroom in the original loft wasn’t sufficient led to the roof literally being raised in order to create more room. Now not only is there more space, but the house has a beautiful light and spacious gallery-style room that has a multitude of uses. If you want to learn more about loft conversions, please give us a no-obligations call on 01522 596910 and speak to one of our engineers.

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One Response to Loft Conversion, Welton

  1. Hon says:

    Dear Peter,
    Wonderful works designed & constructed by PCC !
    I was very proud to be involved in the structural design on this project those days.

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