Steep Hill – Britain’s Best Street!

It may be a strain to climb up some days, but Steep Hill is well loved by many locals – and now it’s been celebrated by winning the Great Street Award 2011. Fighting off competition from Glasgow and Edinburgh, Lincoln’s humble street dates back to Roman times, and was chosen for its essential history and character, along with its broad range of independent vendors and cultural events. The award comes just in time for the Lincoln Christmas Market, which is due to run from 1st – 4th December this year.

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One Response to Steep Hill – Britain’s Best Street!

  1. Rich Mann says:

    Steep Hill has lots of charm & although I dont know the other contenders, presumably the judges were right !
    I also consider Michaelgate part of the same charming area. Can anyone therefore explain to me why the City planners sought fit to approve the building of the totally inappropriate and out of keeping ‘Strelitzia’ monstrocity ?

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